Craft high-converting landing page headlines

Craft high-converting landing page headlines

Creating compelling headlines for your landing page is crucial to grab visitors' attention and communicating the value you offer within seconds. This exercise will guide you through four proven headline frameworks to help you write impactful and persuasive headlines that resonate with your target audience.


The goal of this exercise is to generate attention-grabbing and high-converting landing page headlines using the provided frameworks. By focusing on the user's dream outcome, challenges, and credibility, you can create headlines that compel visitors to engage further with your website and take desired actions.


Achieve [Dream Outcome] Without [Obstacle]:

Identify a dream outcome that your target audience desires.

Identify a common obstacle or challenge that hinders them from achieving this outcome.

Combine the dream outcome and obstacle in a headline format to create a compelling value proposition.


Achieve [Dream Outcome] In [Time Delay]:

Determine a specific time frame within which your target audience desires to achieve their dream outcome.

Craft a headline that highlights the promise of achieving their dream outcome within the specified time frame.


The [Dream Outcome] For [Persona]:

Define a specific persona or target audience segment for your product or service.

Craft a headline that emphasises how your offering can help this persona achieve their dream outcome.


The [Superlative Adjective] [Solution]:

Choose a superlative adjective that captures the exceptional qualities or benefits of your product or service.

Combine the adjective with your solution to create a powerful and attention-grabbing headline.

Note: Use this framework sparingly and ensure you can back up the claim with credible evidence or proof.


P.S. Winning Formula:

If I did have to create one winning formula it would look something like this:

[x%] of [persona] achieve [dream outcome] in [time delay] without [obstacle]


Give the following prompt to ChatGPT and specify your business context: "Based on my business context, please generate 10 compelling headlines using the following structure: [Headline Structure]."

Example: "Based on my business as an online fitness coaching platform, please generate 10 compelling headlines using the following structure: Achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your schedule."

ChatGPT will provide a bulleted list of 10 headline options based on the given structure and your business context.

Review and Refine:

  • From the generated list, select the headline options that resonate with you or align well with your business.
  • Share those selected headlines with ChatGPT and ask for refinements or variations based on your feedback.
  • Discuss specific improvements, modifications, or alternative phrasing with ChatGPT to fine-tune the headlines further.

Test the Winning Headline:

  • Choose one headline that you believe best represents your business and its value proposition.
  • Show that headline to a group of people or potential customers and ask them to describe what they think the business does based solely on the headline.
  • If the majority of participants can accurately describe your business or capture the essence of your value proposition, then you have a winning headline.

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