Create a landing page brief

Create a landing page brief

Before embarking on the journey of creating or improving a landing page, it is crucial to lay a strong foundation. A well-defined and comprehensive brief serves as a guiding document, ensuring that your landing page maximises its effectiveness and potential. The brief will help you align your goals, understand your target audience, and articulate the key elements necessary for a compelling landing page.


Develop a comprehensive brief before creating or improving a landing page to maximise its effectiveness and potential.


Answer the following questions before creating or improving a landing page to maximise its effectiveness and potential. Each question highlights a different element of the landing page design and its objective. Once done you can translate the brief into the following page structure: Google Docs Landing Page Structure


Who is the target audience? What relevant characteristics do they have, such as job title, company size, company type, location, KPIs, tools, etc?

Dream outcome

What outcome is this landing page promising to deliver? What is the specific value we offer? Where are they now, and what result do they want to get? Describe the transformation that our solution takes someone through in 3-5 steps.


What is preventing or making it harder for the user to reach that objective? What are the most common objections to not using your solution? What is their current way of working towards their goal and why is it not the way to do it? Why are other alternatives also not the way to do it? What’s the cost of not doing anything?


What does the user literally get once converting? Strategy session? Phone call? Free guide? Audit? Tutorial?


How long does our transformation take before the user reaches their dream outcome? Is time a valuable component of our proposition?


Can we let the user visualise the dream outcome? If not, can we provide a sneak peek of what the solution to the obstacles looks like?


How do we make the user believe that we can get them to achieve their dream outcome? Do we have specific expertise: credentials, training, education, profession, publication or experience? Do we have case studies, reviews or testimonials of people like them that show us consistently performing well over time? Do we have impressive customers whom we can showcase?

Primary action

What is the main action we want the user to take? This will be the call-to-action button. What happens to the user once they take that action? This will be the text on the button.

Secondary action

Will this traffic have organic visitors that might not be ready to take the primary action yet? If so, what is the best alternative action for these users to take? This will be the alternative call-to-action at the bottom of the page.


What is the objective of this page? Why are we working on this? How much value will this drive to the business?


How do we know that this landing page resulted in tangible value for the business? What's the minimum impact we need to see by when to invest more into this?


What data or evidence do we have? Are there competitors who have implemented this well? Are there other examples that can illustrate a great solution?


Where will this landing page be used? How will we drive traffic? Will it be indexed and get organic traffic, or will it solely be used in campaigns?

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