Identify content needs

Identify content needs

Understanding your audience's buyer journey is crucial for creating targeted and impactful content. By identifying their needs, thoughts, and emotions at each stage of the journey, you can develop content that resonates with them and guides them towards conversion. In this exercise, we will use the "Content Plan & Budget Template" to identify the content needs for your company's buyer journey. Specifically, we will focus on the first tab, "1. Needs," where you will define your buyer journey stages and the corresponding user needs.


The goal of this exercise is to create a comprehensive understanding of your company's buyer journey and identify the specific needs of your target audience at each stage.

Instructions & Resources

Copy the Content Plan & Budget Template

  1. Open the "Content Plan & Budget Template" Google Sheet and navigate to the "1. Needs" tab.
  2. Review the theoretical buyer journey section and the example buyer journey for an SEO software product.
  3. Reflect on your own company's buyer journey and the stages your customers typically go through from awareness to conversion.
  4. In the "Your company's buyer journey" section, fill in the steps that align with your buyer journey stages. Add as many steps as necessary to cover the entire journey.
  5. For each step, identify the specific needs of your users. Consider the questions they might have, the information they seek, and the emotional triggers they experience at each stage.
  6. Copy the provided rows above and paste them beneath the existing rows to add more steps if needed.
  7. Complete the "What does the user need?" column for each step in your buyer journey. Be specific and concise in defining their needs at each stage.
  8. Once you have identified the user needs for each step, review and validate them to ensure they accurately reflect your target audience's requirements.

Note: In this exercise, we will focus on identifying the content needs only. Content ideation and planning will be covered in future exercises.

By completing this exercise, you will have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience's needs at each stage of their buyer journey. This knowledge will serve as a foundation for future exercises where we will brainstorm content ideas and develop a content strategy to address those needs effectively.

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