Identify and utilise relevant sales triggers

Identify and utilise relevant sales triggers

Sales triggers are events or activities that can indicate potential opportunities for sales or engagement with a prospect or their company. These triggers provide valuable insights into the prospect's current situation, needs, or interests, which can help sales professionals tailor their approach and messaging. In this exercise, we will explore sales triggers, their importance, and how to refine and structure a list of potential triggers for effective sales prospecting.


The goal of this exercise is to familiarise yourself with sales triggers, understand their significance in sales prospecting, and refine and structure a list of potential triggers for your specific industry or target market.


Sales Triggers Overview:

  • Research and familiarise yourself with the concept of sales triggers. Understand how they can be used to identify opportunities and build more targeted and relevant sales approaches.

Identify Potential Sales Triggers:

  • Review the list of potential sales triggers provided below.
  • Divide the triggers into two categories: "Prospect Triggers" and "Prospect's Company Triggers."
  • Ensure each trigger within the categories is structured similarly to maintain consistency.

Prospect Triggers:

  • Prospect changes role or job
  • Prospect download one of your lead magnets
  • Prospect posted on Social media
  • Prospect ran a webinar
  • Prospect was mentioned in an article
  • Prospect appeared on a podcast
  • Prospect liked or commented on content
  • Prospect attended an event or webinar
  • Prospect has a detailed profile description with relevant info
  • Prospect left a negative review of a competitor

Prospect's Company Triggers:

  • Company hires or expands team
  • Company has new senior leadership
  • Company receives funding or goes public
  • Company uses a tool you complement or integrate with
  • New regulations coming soon in the market
  • Company has shared investors
  • Company has shared customer
  • Company has shared partners
  • Company is in the news

Refine and Structure the Sales Triggers List:

  • Within each category, group the triggers into subcategories, if applicable, based on their nature or impact.
  • Identify any commonalities or patterns among the triggers within each category.
  • Ensure that each trigger is structured consistently within its respective category.

Prioritise Sales Triggers:

  • Assess the importance and potential impact of each sales trigger on your sales efforts.
  • Prioritise the triggers within each category based on their relevance, frequency of occurrence, and potential impact on the prospect's buying journey.

Develop Sales Trigger Utilisation Strategy:

  • Brainstorm and document strategies for how to leverage each sales trigger effectively within each category.
  • Determine the appropriate actions or outreach approaches for each trigger within its category.
  • Consider how these triggers can be used to personalise your messaging and create meaningful connections with prospects and their companies.

Practice Application:

  • Start applying the triggers as soon as possible, and don’t leave this be a theoretical exercise. Each sales person uses it differently, so start and see how you can use these indications of interest to close more deals.

By going through this exercise, you will have a refined and structured list of sales triggers that are specifically tailored to your industry or target market. Understanding and leveraging these triggers can provide valuable insights and help you engage prospects and their companies with relevant and timely messaging, increasing your chances of sales success.

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