Google Analytics 4 configuration audit

Google Analytics 4 configuration audit

Using the below checklist, we will perform an audit of your GA4 configuration to ensure that it is properly set up and optimised. We will go step-by-step through the list making sure we cover all settings and configurations and make adjustments where necessary.


Get a better understanding of your GA4 configuration and ensure accurate data tracking and reporting.

Instructions & Resource

Copy the Google Analytics 4 checklist

  1. Make a copy of the provided Google Sheet checklist.
  2. Open the Google Sheet and navigate to the "Google Tag Settings" section.
  3. Review each item in the checklist and verify if it is correctly configured in your GA4 setup.
  4. For each item, mark "Yes" if it is properly configured and "No" if it needs adjustment.
  5. If any items need adjustment, follow the instructions provided in the checklist to make the necessary changes.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each section in the checklist, including "Property Settings," "Property Access Management Settings," "Data Streams Settings," "Custom Events Settings," "Data Collection & Retention Settings," "Events Settings," "Custom Definitions," "Attribution Settings," "Product Links," "eCommerce Tracking," "Additional Settings," and "Reporting."
  7. Take note of any action items or areas that require further attention.
  8. Once you have reviewed all the sections, review your findings and determine the priority of any necessary adjustments or fixes.
  9. Document your findings, including the checklist items that need adjustment and the corresponding actions to be taken.
  10. Optionally, share your findings and action plan with relevant team members or stakeholders for further collaboration.
  11. Follow up on the necessary adjustments and track the progress of implementing the recommended changes.

Note: Remember to refer to the provided instructions and guidance in the checklist to ensure accurate configuration and proper utilization of GA4 features.

By completing this exercise, you will have a comprehensive overview of your GA4 configuration and an action plan to optimize and improve it for accurate data tracking and reporting.

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