Generate compelling hooks

Generate compelling hooks


The objective of this exercise is to generate compelling hooks for your business using a list of pre-defined hooks. By combining these hooks with ChatGPT, you can explore various examples that resonate with your target audience.


Step 1. Review the list of hooks provided below. These hooks are designed to grab attention and create interest among your target audience.

List of 33 hooks

  • [number] must-have skills for [niche industry]
  • Here is how to get [desired results] without doing [pain point]
  • [Number] mistakes you should avoid, if you want to be [niche title]
  • Make [Dollar amount] just by [doing this boring thing]
  • How to [activity] using [feature]
  • If you're starting over in your [age bracket], learn these [number of items] if you want to excel
  • [Number] [Niche] tips that took me [Number] years to learn:
  • This person makes [xx dollar amount] [Timeframe] from [niche / doing this one thing]
  • My go-to [websites/apps/product] for [niche solution]
  • Behind the scenes of [action with market]
  • [number] secret the [thought leaders/guru's / experts] won't tell you about [niche thing]
  • Want to [Desired outcome]? Do [thing]
  • [feature/activity] is dead and here's why...
  • How we [huge outcome] this [industry goal] and made him [Huge monetary value] in [ time frame]
  • This person [bought/acquired / action] and turned that into [big result]... here's how:
  • How to [Desired Result] with [Niche Product/feature]
  • If I were going to [highly sought after thing] this [timeframe] here's what I'd do
  • You might be a [type of person] if... [list the reason(s)]
  • My top [number] websites for [niche industry]
  • [Number] big mistakes I made when I first started [thing you're doing]
  • Here's [number] underestimated [niche hack/tip/trick]... state the hack in bullet form
  • Secret [Niche topic] that no one is talking about
  • Why the [class of people] [name that one thing]
  • How to [multiplier] your [desire] on/in [platform]
  • How much did [Thing] make in the last [Time Frame], let's find out...
  • If you're starting over [age bracket], here is [number of things] to help you [objective]
  • What if I told you [didn't have to do this thing] just to get [desired result]
  • My Favorite [niche tool] for [niche desired outcome]
  • Earn [Big Monetary Value] a month for [Niche Product]
  • [number] [thing] that will make you a [desired outcome]
  • Here are [number] big mistakes I made when I first started [thing you're doing]
  • Want to [Desired outcome]? Do [thing]
  • If you're starting over in your [age bracket], learn these [number of items] if you want to excel

Step 2. Select a hook from the list that aligns with your business goals and target audience.

Step 3. Use the selected hook as a prompt for ChatGPT. Provide additional context about your business, industry, target audience, and desired outcomes.

Step 4. Ask ChatGPT to generate examples based on the selected hook and the context of your business. Use the following prompt format:

"Using the hook '[Selected Hook],' please provide me with three examples that align with our business. We are a [description of your business] targeting [target audience] and aiming to achieve [desired outcomes]."

Step 5. Collect the examples generated by ChatGPT and evaluate their relevance, clarity, and effectiveness in conveying your business's message to your target audience.

Step 6. Review the examples and select the ones that resonate most with your business goals and target audience.

Step 7. Refine the selected examples to further align them with your brand voice and messaging style. Consider tweaking the wording, adding specific details, or incorporating unique selling points.

Step 8. Share the refined examples with your team or stakeholders to gather feedback. Evaluate how well each example captures the essence of your business and whether it effectively communicates the desired outcomes and benefits.

Step 9. Use the selected and refined examples as inspiration for your marketing materials, including landing pages, social media posts, email campaigns, and more. Adapt and tailor the examples to fit the specific channels and formats you'll be using.

Step 10. Continuously monitor the performance of the messaging and iterate based on data and customer feedback. Test different variations of the examples to optimise their impact and conversion rates.

By following this exercise, you can leverage the power of ChatGPT and the provided hooks to generate compelling examples for your business, helping you create high-converting copy and messaging that resonates with your target audience.

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