Craft compelling email subject lines & intros

Craft compelling email subject lines & intros

The objective of this exercise is to practice writing compelling subject lines and email introductions that capture the recipient's attention, pique curiosity, and create a genuine connection. Additionally, you will explore the importance of personalisation and how to gather relevant information about the prospect and their company to tailor your messaging effectively.


Subject Line Practice:

Craft 1-3 word subject lines that give a sense of being an internal message while maintaining a neutral tone and relevance. Remember to avoid misleading tactics and focus on creating a curiosity gap. Examples to consider:

  • Your thoughts
  • {Prospect's job title} - a few tips
  • RE: Follow up
  • Need help?
  • Thoughts?
  • I might be wrong
  • Open to this?
  • Idea for [pain point]
  • Idea for [prospect challenge]

đź’ˇ Tip: use the ChatGPT prompts for outbound sales to generate lots of examples.

Email Intro Practice:

Experiment with various email intros that prompt engagement and show genuine interest. Front-load your email with personalised research or mention something specific to the recipient to demonstrate that the message is tailored to them.

Consider the following examples as a starting point:

  • Hi [Prospect's Name], quick question for you
  • Your thoughts on [Specific Topic]
  • [Prospect's Job Title] - a few tips for [Challenges or Goals]
  • Following up on our conversation about [Specific Topic]
  • Can I help you with [Pain Point or Challenge]?
  • Interested in your perspective on [Relevant Topic]
  • I might be wrong, but I had an idea for [Prospect's Pain Point]
  • [Prospect's Name], are you open to exploring [Specific Solution]?
  • Idea for [Prospect's Pain Point or Challenge]
  • Idea for [Prospect's Industry or Market]

đź’ˇ Tip: use the ChatGPT prompts for outbound sales to generate lots of examples.

Personalization and Research:

  • Explore different sources to gather personalised information about the prospect, their company, and the industry. Reflect back on the sales triggers exercise.  Prioritise the information that is most relevant to the prospect's pain points or challenges.

Persona Challenges:

  • If you are unable to gather personalised information or use it in your messaging, fall back on addressing the typical challenges or pain points faced by prospects. Use phrases like:
  • Imagine you can…
  • What if you could…
  • How are you…
  • Have you considered…

Practice Writing:

  • Using the subject lines and email intros you have crafted, write sample emails that incorporate personalisation and relevant messaging.
  • Keep the tone professional, concise, and engaging.
  • Focus on creating a connection and generating curiosity without resorting to gimmicks or excessive sales language.

Review and Refine:

  • Review your sample emails and assess their effectiveness in capturing attention and generating interest.
  • Refine your subject lines, email intros, and overall messaging as needed.
  • Consider seeking feedback from colleagues or mentors to further enhance your email writing skills.

By completing this exercise, you will develop your ability to write compelling subject lines and engaging email intros. You will also understand the importance of personalisation and learn how to gather relevant information about prospects to tailor your messaging effectively. These skills will contribute to more successful and impactful outbound sales efforts.

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