Write relevant email closing

Write relevant email closing

The objective of this exercise is to practice writing effective email closings that encourage a response and leave a positive impression on the recipient. You will explore different soft ask options, optimise your email signature, and create attention-grabbing postscripts (PS) to enhance engagement and personalisation.


Soft Ask Options:
Choose a soft ask option from the list below or create your own. As it’s a cold email outreach, all we should aim for at this point is a reply and start a conversation. These closing statements should encourage a response from the recipient without being overly demanding or requiring a significant commitment:

  • Worth exploring?
  • Can I tell you more?
  • Open to exploring this?
  • Is it worth considering?
  • Shall I send over more info?
  • Is this a priority for you now?
  • Could I send over some more info?
  • Would you be open to learning more?
  • Are you interested in learning more?
  • Are you open to exploring this further?
  • Select the soft ask option that best aligns with your email's purpose and tone.

Simple Email Signature:

  • Create a simple email signature that includes your name, role, and website (but without the hyperlink).
  • Avoid including images or HTML in your signature to keep it clean and professional, and minimise the risk of triggering spam filters.
Example: Kind regards, Ruben

Ruben Portz

P.S. Noticed you’ve got selected for the XYZ awards next week. I was there last year and was good fun. Enjoy it!

Postscript (PS):

  • The PS section of an email is often eye-catching and can provide an additional opportunity to engage the recipient.
  • Decide whether you want to add a personal touch or an easy out to your PS, based on the nature of your email and your knowledge of the recipient.
  • Personal touch example: Mention something specific from your research or a shared interest to create a personalised connection.
  • Easy out example: Provide a non-sales-related question or an option for the recipient to decline politely if they are not interested. That way you don’t have to provide an unsubscribe link, but the recipient can reply if they don’t want further communication.
  • Craft your PS to align with your email's purpose and leave a lasting impression.

Practice Writing:

  • Incorporate the soft ask option you selected, your simple email signature, and your chosen PS into your email draft.
  • Ensure that the closing section of your email is concise, friendly, and encourages a response.

Review and Refine:

  • Review your complete email, paying close attention to the closing section.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your soft ask, email signature, and PS in capturing attention and encouraging engagement.
  • Make any necessary refinements to improve clarity, personalisation, or the overall impact of your closing section.

Optional Role-Playing:

  • If desired, engage in role-playing scenarios with colleagues or mentors to practice delivering your email's closing section and receiving feedback.
  • Adjust your approach based on the feedback received to enhance your email closing skills.

By completing this exercise, you will refine your ability to craft effective email closings that encourage response and leave a positive impression. You will gain experience in using soft ask options, optimising your email signature, and creating attention-grabbing postscripts to enhance engagement and personalisation. These skills will contribute to more successful outbound sales efforts and improved email communication.

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