Create a growth experiments tracker

Create a growth experiments tracker

In this exercise, you will use the Growth Experiment Tracker Google sheet to manage and track your growth experiments effectively. The sheet consists of three tabs: "1. Create experiments," "2. Prioritize experiments," and "3. Plan experiments."


Define experiments, prioritize them based on key factors, and create a timeline for execution.

Instructions & Resources

Copy the Experiment Tracker Google Sheet

  1. Make a copy of the provided Growth Experiment Tracker Google sheet.
  2. Open the Google sheet and navigate to the "1. Create experiments" tab.
    • Review the instructions and explanations provided in the tab.
    • Start by filling in the experiment card and learning card for each new experiment.
    a. Duplicate the template as necessary or use the provided fillable Google Docs version.
    b. Fill in the relevant details, such as the idea, hypothesis, metrics, evidence, platform, scope, and questions/discussion topics.
    c. Assign an owner for each experiment.
    • Once you have filled in the experiment and learning cards, proceed to the "2. Prioritise experiments" tab.
  3. In the "2. Prioritize experiments" tab, list the growth ideas from the completed experiment cards.
    • Assign scores for Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Ease to each growth idea.
    • Provide additional information, such as the link to the test card, idea title, status, submitted by, owned by, start date, planned end date, team, size of users impacted, % increase of metric, existing evidence, time, people & budget, and any notes or comments.
    • Evaluate and calculate the overall score for each growth idea based on the provided criteria.
    • Repeat steps 7-9 for all growth ideas.
  4. Move to the "3. Plan experiments" tab.
    • The timeline in the "3. Plan experiments" tab will automatically populate based on the rows in the "Backlog prioritization" tab where Column C is checked.
    • Edit cell B8 on the "3. Plan experiments" tab to customize the columns extracted from the "Backlog prioritization" tab, if needed.
    • Review the timeline and make any necessary adjustments to the start and end dates of experiments.
    • Use the weekly timeline to track the progress of your experiments and ensure they are executed according to plan.
    • Update the status, owned by, start date, and end date columns as experiments progress.
    • Utilize the other columns in the "3. Plan experiments" tab to record relevant information and notes about each experiment.
  5. Continue to update and manage your growth experiments using this sheet, making adjustments as needed.
  6. Discuss the experiments during your growth meetings and refer to the Growth Experiment Tracker for valuable insights and progress updates.

Note: Remember to save your progress regularly and share the sheet with your team members for collaboration and visibility.

By completing this exercise, you will have a structured and organised approach to manage your growth experiments, prioritise them based on key factors, and create a timeline for execution. This will help you track progress, gather valuable insights, and drive data-informed decision-making for your growth initiatives.

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