Unveil competitor tech stack with BuiltWith

Unveil competitor tech stack with BuiltWith

Understanding the tools and technologies utilised by your competitors can provide valuable insights into their digital infrastructure and strategic choices. By leveraging the capabilities of BuiltWith, a popular technology tracking platform, you can gain a comprehensive view of your competitor's technology stack. This exercise is designed to guide you in utilising BuiltWith to identify the tools and technologies employed by your competitors and explore the potential implications and advantages of their choices.


The goal of this exercise is to utilise BuiltWith to uncover the tools and technologies used by your competitors, providing you with valuable insights into their digital infrastructure and strategic decision-making. By analysing your competitor's technology stack, you can identify potential areas of improvement, evaluate emerging trends, and make informed decisions to enhance your own digital strategy.

Instruction & Resources

Use the ‘2. Product’ tab inside the Competitor research Google Sheet to store your findings

  1. Identify Key Competitors:
  • Select a list of key competitors within your industry or market segment.
  • Focus on competitors that are likely to have a strong online presence or significant digital footprint.
  1. Access BuiltWith:
  • Visit the BuiltWith website (****) to access their technology tracking platform.
  • Familiarise yourself with the features, search functionalities, and available resources provided by BuiltWith.
  • Sign up for an account if necessary to access additional features and data.
  1. Perform Competitor Analysis:
  • Enter the website URL of each competitor into the BuiltWith search bar.
  • Explore the generated reports and insights provided by BuiltWith, which outline the tools, technologies, frameworks, and plugins utilized by your competitors.
  • Pay close attention to the identified technologies and their significance within the digital landscape.
  1. Analyse Technology Stack:
  • Review the identified tools and technologies used by your competitors.
  • Evaluate the purpose and functionality of each technology within their digital infrastructure.
  • Consider the implications and advantages of their choices, such as enhanced user experience, improved performance, or competitive advantages.
  1. Compare with Your Technology Stack:
  • Assess your own technology stack and compare it with that of your competitors.
  • Identify gaps or areas where your competitors have adopted more advanced or specialised tools.
  • Determine potential areas for improvement or opportunities to leverage similar technologies to enhance your digital strategy.
  1. Explore Trends and Emerging Technologies:
  • Look for patterns and trends in your competitor's technology stack.
  • Identify any emerging technologies or innovative tools that your competitors have adopted.
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of integrating these emerging technologies into your own digital infrastructure.

By utilising BuiltWith to explore your competitor's technology stack, you can gain valuable insights into their digital strategy, identify potential areas for improvement, and stay informed about emerging trends. This exercise empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your own technology choices, optimise your digital infrastructure, and maintain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

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