Create Competitor Sales Battle Cards

Create Competitor Sales Battle Cards

Competitor sales battle cards are a valuable tool for sales teams to equip themselves with key information about competitors. These battle cards provide quick and accessible reference points to understand competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and potential responses


The goal of this exercise is to create competitor sales battle cards that capture essential information about competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and key features. By developing these battle cards, your sales team will be equipped with the knowledge to effectively address competitor comparisons and confidently articulate your unique value proposition.

Instruction & Resources

Use the ‘6. Battlecards’ tab inside the Competitor research Google Sheet to store your findings

Identify Competitors:

  • Select a list of key competitors within your industry or market segment.
  • Focus on competitors that are frequently encountered or pose significant challenges in the sales process.

Gather Quick Facts:

  • Research and compile essential information about each competitor, including the year founded, headquarters location, regions served, and number of employees.
  • Document this information in the "Quick Facts" section of the battle card.

Analyse Key Features:

  • Identify the key features offered by each competitor.
  • Document these features in a structured format, such as bullet points, under the "Key Features" section of the battle card.

Assess Pricing Model:

  • Evaluate the pricing models employed by each competitor.
  • Document the pricing details, such as pricing tiers, options, or unique pricing structures, under the "Pricing Model" section of the battle card.

Identify Strengths:

  • Identify the strengths of each competitor, such as unique selling points, strong market presence, or notable product features.
  • Document these strengths in the battle card.

Craft Our Response to Strengths:

  • Develop a strategic response to each identified strength, emphasizing your own unique value proposition, case studies, or testimonials that highlight your competitive advantage.
  • Document these responses in the battle card, ensuring your team is equipped with compelling counterarguments.

Identify Weaknesses:

  • Identify the weaknesses or limitations of each competitor, such as gaps in product functionality, poor customer support, or pricing disadvantages.
  • Document these weaknesses in the battle card.

Provide Our Case Study or Testimonial in Response to Weakness:

  • Identify relevant case studies or testimonials that showcase your strengths in areas where competitors exhibit weaknesses.
  • Document these case studies or testimonials in the battle card, enabling your team to highlight success stories in response to identified weaknesses.

Repeat the Process for Other Competitors:

  • Repeat the steps above to create battle cards for other identified competitors.
  • Capture relevant information about each competitor's strengths, weaknesses, key features, and pricing models.
  • Ensure consistency in the structure and format of the battle cards.

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