Build a 12-month bottom-up revenue growth model

Build a 12-month bottom-up revenue growth model

As a growth-focused founder or marketer, understanding the impact of different acquisition channels on revenue growth is essential for driving success in your business. In this exercise, you will utilise the Revenue Growth Google Sheet, which breaks down each acquisition channel into various steps, to model revenue growth and explore the potential of different marketing channels. By adjusting key variables and analysing the outcomes, you will gain insights into optimising your marketing strategies for maximum revenue growth.


The goal of this exercise is to analyse and model revenue growth for different marketing channels using the Revenue Growth Google Sheet. By exploring various acquisition channels, tracking key metrics, and adjusting variables, you will gain insights into the most effective strategies to drive revenue growth in your business.

Instructions & Resources

Make a copy of the Revenue Growth Model Google Sheet.

Familiarise Yourself with the Revenue Growth Google Sheet

Select a Marketing Channel to Analyse

  • Choose one specific marketing channel from the list that you want to focus on for this exercise.
  • Consider factors such as the current performance, potential growth, or any specific challenges or opportunities associated with the selected channel.

Input Current Metrics and Variables

  • In the Revenue Growth Google Sheet, locate the section corresponding to the selected marketing channel.
  • Input the current metrics and variables for each step of the acquisition process within the chosen channel.
  • Take note of the corresponding calculations and how they contribute to revenue growth.

Explore Variable Adjustments

  • Begin by analysing the impact of adjusting variables related to the selected marketing channel.
  • Modify key variables such as the number of contacts, conversion rates, average MRR won, or advertising spend.
  • Observe how these adjustments influence the overall revenue growth projection within the Google Sheet.

Compare and Contrast Multiple Marketing Channels

  • Repeat steps 2-4 for at least two additional marketing channels of your choice.
  • Compare the revenue growth projections, variable impacts, and potential strengths and weaknesses of each channel.
  • Consider factors such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, and alignment with your target audience and business goals.

Analyse Retention and Revenue Levers

  • Explore the retention section of the Revenue Growth Google Sheet, focusing on metrics related to new MRR, reactivation MRR, expansion MRR, churned MRR, and contraction MRR.
  • Identify variables that can be adjusted to improve retention and revenue generation from existing customers.
  • Evaluate the impact of these adjustments on overall revenue growth and customer lifetime value.

Synthesise Findings and Action Planning

  • Based on your analysis and observations, synthesise the findings from different marketing channels and retention strategies.
  • Identify key insights, opportunities, and potential areas for improvement in your revenue growth strategies.
  • Develop an action plan outlining specific steps to optimize your marketing channels, refine acquisition processes, and enhance customer retention for sustainable revenue growth.

Note: Throughout the exercise, make sure to document your observations, key findings, and any notable insights within the Revenue Growth Google Sheet. This will serve as a valuable reference for future analysis and strategic decision-making. Remember, the goal is to identify the most effective marketing channels and build an understanding of the input metric (i.e. your daily activities) required to hit your annual growth goals.

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