Accelerate Your Startup with TractionPad's SaaS Growth System

TractionPad equips pre-Seed to Series A founders, marketers & product managers with an entire growth system in Notion. Step-by-step tasks & templates from value proposition design to onboarding audits.

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Meet Your Dedicated Growth Coach

My mission is to provide actionable growth advice to help you reach your business growth dreams.

When you join TractionPad, I’ll be there in the background to help you reach your goals and answer any questions. I’ve been in the start-up world for close to a decade. As a founder, Head of Growth, and growth coach to dozens of early-stage start-up founders. I've seen a lot of bad advice out there, causing stress and anxiety. I want to counter that. To dispel the myths and separate the signal from the noise. Feel free to message me on LinkedIn or


Ruben Portz

Founder, TractionPad

Ruben Portz - Founder of TractionPad

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TractionPad is a growth system designed to help founders, marketers and products managers at pre-Seed to Series A startups achieve their growth goals. We provide curated playbooks to transform your ambitious growth goals into manageable missions.

  • TractionPad is perfect for Seed to Series A startup founders and marketers who are struggling with customer acquisition and growth. It's ideal for those who can commit at least 1 hour per day (the more, the better) to customer acquisition, want to keep expertise in-house, and are looking to scale growth without outsourcing.

  • TractionPad offers a personal growth coach (only on the coaching plan), curated acquisition and conversion playbooks, regular feedback and guidance, and flexible and affordable pricing. We help you to build your own processes, increase predictability, and avoid high costs associated with outsourcing growth.

  • The full Notion Growth System is priced at £299 per year.

Want To Accelerate Your Traction? Get full Notion Growth System for £299.

SaaS founders & marketers come to TractionPad when they’re struggling to generate more traffic & leads, book meetings, and grow revenue. Are you dealing with the same challenges?

  • 20 Google Sheet & Doc Templates
  • 8 structured growth areas in Notion
  • 60 actionable growth tasks in Notion
  • Database of ChatGPT prompts in Notion
  • Access to updates & new content

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